High-performance protection solutions

FYC ensures the safe operation of people and forces on battlefields and in other hazardous environments.

We manufacture high-quality products that protect against life-threatening dangers. FYC is an internationally recognized mark of Nordic excellence and comfort. We make head protection gear, helmet systems, and other lightweight and advanced protective solutions.

Our customized products include innovative protection solutions and lightweight structures for vessels and systems.


State-of-the-art technology

FYC develops and manufactures its equipment and structures using the latest technology. We invest in Finnish and international research and development. We aim to recycle surplus material from production, and use environmentally sustainable materials and structures.


ARMAS™ – An ultra-lightweight fighter helmet for extreme conditions

ARMAS™ is the pioneering outcome of Finnish design excellence and technical product development. Thanks to its easy adjustability, one size fits all for personalized comfort.

FH-580 composite helmet

This fighter’s helmet with a higher-than-normal level of protection offers superior protection relative to its weight.

FH-610 composite helmet

This fighter’s helmet protects against fragments and handgun bullets.
shrapnel-protection-1 .webp

Fragment protection system

Developed and approved for military use, this ballistic protection system is ideal for protecting mobile troops.

System solutions

FYC manufactures innovative protection solutions and lightweight structures for vessels and systems, fully customized to your requirements.



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