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ARMAS™ – A new generation of helmets for extreme conditions

ARMAS™ is the pioneering outcome of Finnish design excellence and technical product development. Developed in collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces, the helmet fits the shape of the head and is easily adjustable. Thanks to its convenient adjustability, a single shell size ensures personalized comfort.

One helmet, your size.

Better performance on the ground

This ultra-light helmet is designed for extreme conditions, from the biting cold of -30 °C to a scorching +46 °C. Armas is the finest in world-famous Nordic quality. The new generation of helmets improves fighter performance and promotes endurance in the field. One shell size is also an advantage when ordering spare parts. The helmet has interfaces for an image intensifier and other accessories.

FYC constantly draws on research and development in materials and manufacturing methods to find new and ever better solutions for manufacturing ballistic helmets. Armas is a milestone in this development.


  • Lightness and durability: the polyethylene material provides greater protection in a lighter shell
  • Convenience: the easy adjustability allows for a single shell size
  • Developed in collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces

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