Uncompromisingly reliable protection

FYC manufactures and supplies the defense and security sector with composite products for protecting people, vehicles and other applications. Our high-quality products are mainly intended for use by public authorities. Some of FYC’s products are off-the-shelf, whereas others are custom-made to meet individual customer needs.

Manufacturing helmets for over 30 years

FYC has decades of experience in manufacturing composite helmets for the military and for authorities. We have been manufacturing helmets since the early 1990s. Our product development has benefited from close collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces. Decades of operational use in one of the world’s largest field armies is testament to the durability and reliability of our helmets.

The key to finding the ideal solution is to identify the ballistic threat and the other requirements of the product. Polyethylene fiber materials provide superior performance with increasingly lightweight structures. FYC also has extensive experience in the use of aramid fiber.


Helmet design, engineering, manufacturing technology and product development

The development and manufacture of helmet systems is the cornerstone of our service. Most of our products are developed with the individual customer to meet their needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable design and project team is always keen to take on new challenges. We develop new products and upgrade existing ones to meet current requirements. FYC is also involved in several EU-funded product development projects.


Ballistic protection solutions that meet international standards

FYC manufactures lightweight personal body armor solutions for various levels of protection. They meet international standards and can be manufactured to meet specific customer specifications. We provide products and solutions for ballistic protection of forces and troops. These products include bullet shields, ballistic shields and troop protection systems.

Our production plant is located in Pirkkala, near Tampere, close to good transport connections. We adhere to high safety standards in our operations and facilities, and we are an ISO9001 quality certified organization.  We comply with NATO AQAP 2110 and the security requirements of the KATAKRI audit tool for data security in public authorities.